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Jeremy Jahns

Jeremy Jahns is a well known movie reviewer who has risen to popularity through Youtube because of his energy and is one of the founders of the annual YOUreviewers Movie Awards. Jeremy Jahns' straight forward manner, relatable personality, and sharp sense of humor quickly have gathered a large following on what is easily one of the most visited websites on the internet. Unlike most film critics, Jans never pulls his punches with either directors, writers, or actors and never fails to speak his mind. He has since branched out from movie reviews to reviewing video games, TV shows, and even real life news and sports, if the subject interests him. Most see his reviews as some of the most reliable and entertaining reviews (films, video games, or television) to be found on Youtube. He is closely allied with other famous reviewers such as Schmoesknow, Chis Stuckman, theflickpick and works with them on large projects. He is currently the newest member on Collider movie talk with John Campea. He lives in Burbank, CA.


Jeremy's main occupation on Youtube is reviewing movies. His reviews are relatively short, usually about three to six minutes (certain reviews for films such as The Dark Knight or some of the movies can last significantly longer, up to ten to fifteen minutes). Jeremy's videos are notably known for his frequent use of jump-cuts, which are the main factor to his relatively short video lengths. While mainly being a review of movies, Jeremy also occasionally review video games and TV shows. Additionally, Jeremy also talks about certain bits of significant movie news. Different background colors are used for his different variations of videos. Red is used for his normal movie reviews. Blue is used for his trailer and movie spoiler reviews.

Rating systemEdit

Rating notes
Dogshit Jeremy's lowest rating. It is given to the most terrible of films, the ones most hated by Jeremy.
Not going to remember it in T-Minus (period of minutes, hours or days) Jeremy's second lowest rating. Given to films that are bad and easily forgettable. While usually T-1 Day, the wording has ranged from T-2 minutes to T-2 Days. In his review for Ice Age Continental Drift, it was worded as T-The car ride home.
It would be a good time if you're drunk Jeremy's third lowest rating. Usually used for movies that are bad, but are still somewhat enjoyable in a laughable or excusable manner.
A good time no alcohol required Jeremy's third highest rating. This rating is used for movies that are fairly good, even if not worth buying on Blu-Ray or seeing again.
Would buy it on Blu-Ray Jeremy's second highest rating. This rating is used for films which are considered to be so good that he would spend money to own it on Blu-Ray.
Awesometacular Jeremy's highest rating. This rating is given to movies that Jeremy finds to be the most awesome, films that he considers to be the greatest
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